Camila Monteiro vents about attacks for not being able to breastfeed: "Nobody knows what I went through"

Influencer Camila Monteiro he vented and was moved to tears when talking about the attacks he has received for not being able to breastfeed his children and resorting to the use of a bottle. the mother of the twins, Aurora e Noah, underwent breast reduction surgery a few years ago, which prevents her from being able to breastfeed them.

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In a series of posts on her Instagram, Camila reveals that she has been receiving criticism and condemnation from her followers, as well as showing that she has been trying to produce milk to give to her children. The influencer has already made use of breast pumps, medicines, natural products, as well as hours of trying to express milk, even with the help of her husband, who held the pumps while she slept:

“I’m not going to talk about breastfeeding here anymore! Never again! They sent me some comments from people judging me because I bottle feed my children. Nobody knows what I went through trying to breastfeed and what I try to this day! Nobody knows. Cracked nipple , bleeding, I took medication to have more milk and it didn’t work. I was expressing milk for more than a month with my children hospitalized because I couldn’t breastfeed them.”

Camila added: “You are perfect, wonderful mothers. Sorry if I’m a trash mother, because I can’t breastfeed. I can’t go back to the day I had breast reduction. I took more than a kilo from each breast, because I lived I had a bad smell, I had a backache. That was six years ago and because of that I can’t have milk, but even so I did everything! I’m not a good mother because I don’t breastfeed, I’m not a good mother because I had a cesarean, I’m not a good mother for any of these things.”

“I’m trash because I give a bottle, because I give a pacifier. You are cruel, you are bad, you are bad”, countered the influencer. In addition, she also emphasized that she went through health professionals to solve the problem, without success: “The problem is not the method, people, it won’t. The most I can get is 10 ml and that’s it. I’d like to, but no go. Sorry. Motherhood is not flowers. Stop romanticizing motherhood.”

“Not everyone can and this has to be normalized. The motherhood I know is hard, painful and I go through it every day”, he concluded.

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