Camila Homs’s father liquidated Rodrigo De Paul: "My daughter deserves something else"

Camila Homs’s father spoke about the relationship of his daughter Camila and Rodrigo de Paul, the father of her two grandchildren. The businessman assured that He is happy that the young woman is no longer in a relationship with the soccer player and pointed out that she “deserves something else”referring to the The athlete’s relationship with his girlfriend, the singer Tini Stoessel.

“She is happy today as she is and me I would not like the possibility of a reconciliation with RodrigoHe’s a good boy, but I think my daughter deserves something else, she’s fine the way she is“, he maintained in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen. “We have been through a lot, this is sad for me for my grandchildren but it was the best for Camila; When it is the best for a child, they fight and there is no more talk of the separation “he added.

Homs He spoke directly about the versions that indicated that the player had approached his ex-wife again. “Fate nobody knows but there was no attempt by either of us, Camila is focused on something else and the last thing she wants is to go back to Rodrigoeverything was very hard at first with what happened, I last spoke with Rodrigo a couple of months ago, I have nothing to talk about, one has his conscience in the things he does, Rodrigo is a good boy but thank God he is not with Camila, he is not a boy for Camila, that is the truth”.

From Paul and Tini, in times of happiness for the couple

“She is better alone than when she was with Rodrigo, she is fun and very healthy and I see her splendid and at another time I did not see her as well as she is now, she suffered a lot”amplified the man in Miter Live.

Secondly, Homs responded to the strong rumor that De Paul and Tini were no longer in a relationship: “I have nothing to say about Rodrigo’s relationship with Tini Stoesselwhat happened, happened, and it was for a reason… each one acts as they think and one takes things as who they come from and nothing more”.

He also made it clear that he has a very good relationship with his daughter’s current partner, Carlos Benvenuto:It was my birthday recently and we celebrated here in Mendoza, Camila came, we had a great time, Charly came, we were all great, I had already seen him on several occasions but not for a long time. Charly is a very good person and a great companion to Camila, I see her well and what better than seeing a son better, she is focused on her work and planning her vacations, I’m not going to the World Cup because I have to work and if I could I don’t think I would have gone to Qatar

Rodrigo prepares to debut in the World Cup with the Argentine National Team

Regarding the situation of his two young grandchildren, Homs stated: “Those who suffer the most are the smallest And sometimes one is selfish, you have to think of the boys above all but they are very well, the boy is very young, he is one year old and the girl was not affected much”he concluded.

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