Camila Homs’ former lawyer broke the silence and complicated Rodrigo de Paul’s ex: his testimony

Wednesday, August 3 Camila Homs and Rodrigo de Paul reached an economic agreement and closed their financial conflicts. Despite having finished with a problem, the model had another with her lawyer.

There his lawyer at that time, Ignacio Trimarco accused her of not wanting to pay him the corresponding fees. As a consequence, the mother of Francesca Y Baptist talked about the case and She admitted that she felt violated since her lawyer spoke about her private life, making her have a bad time.

After the statement that the lawyer had released on his social networks, he decided to break the silence and spoke in “Intruders”. “With Camila Homs I was very clear with my fees”began by saying Ignatius Timarco, who is no longer the model’s lawyer.

He also assured that he is not afraid of her father and that sent him a document letter claiming what corresponds to him. In addition, she shared an audio where you can hear the Rodrigo de Paul’s ex asking that he have contact with the press to clear up false rumours.

Camila Homs and Rodrigo de Paul with their daughter when they were still a couple.

For now, Tini Stoessel’s boyfriend decided to stay on the sidelines of what is happening with the mother of his children. Meanwhile, he is still in Europe for his work commitments.

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