Camila Homs’ explosive phrase against Rodrigo de Paul after suing him: "Am…"

The scandal between Camila Homs and Rodrigo de Paul seems to have no end in sight. It turns out that the model He decided to take his ex to court.without prior agreement. It seems that the blonde is tired of the soccer player and current boyfriend of Tini Stoessel and determined to prosecute everything to end the matter.

She claims that someone sent her to follow. My question was ‘why would they send her to follow?’ And what they want to hint at is that she would not be taking care of the children“, said Luli Fernandez in “Show Partners“.

What Mariana Brey commented: “She has the same right From Paul to rebuild his life. And there’s bad milk about a mother ceasing to be a woman, it’s stupid that sets light years back… She wants to go out and have fun and, in turn, takes care of her children. She is with them 24 hours“.

Camila Homs and Rodrigo de Paul have a very tense relationship.

The reason why Homs decided to bring his ex to justice was revealed by Fernández: “She gets annoyed with the situation and leads to her saying ‘I’m not going to make any arrangements‘”.

“She got tired, and the phrase she told her family was ‘I’m fed up, I’d rather go to trial. I will agree absolutely nothing“, revealed.

On De Paul’s side, they did not take Homs’ reaction well. “From his side they would have said that if they don’t fix it, things are going to get hostile. This to her family would have fallen fatal”, concluded the panelist.

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