Camila Homs defended herself against the complaint made by Rodrigo De Paul between laughs: "I do not regret"

While camila homs is on vacation and attending glamorous events in Punta del Este, the news about her does not stop: a few days ago a new version of his alleged fake account to attack Tini Stoessel. Now, the news revolves around his statements about the aggressive chats of WhatsApp that he sent to Rodrigo dePaul.

This is how Cami Homs defended herself from the complaint for her threatening messages

“No, not anymore. Already re against re is. I am very in another nor do I think about it
start by saying
about whether she is still in love with the player. When asked for the veracity of
the messages sent against De Paul and the singer of the “Triple T”
“The thing about the chats is true, they are mine. But it seemed disrespectful to me that they have been published, because it was something very familiar, and I was shocked to see them”
assured the model.

And followed:
“But not for having said the things I said, what’s more, I don’t think I regret saying the things I said. I have my reasons why she was this angry, but I was outraged and a bit surprised that it all came out.”
between laughs and a serious face to a cell phone
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About the messages in which he entertained the athlete who was going to have problems seeing his children
The media stated that they did not remember having told him that, and expressed:
“As hot as it is, I try not to “Mix things up. Yes, saying a thousand things, when I get angry I am very frontal. I tell you everything I think and I’m angry. You don’t understand the things I can say, sometimes I hurt a lot, but that’s what comes out of me”,


And close forcefully:
“It doesn’t bother me at all as long as they don’t mess with my things, let them do and undo what they want. But when they mess with the most important thing I have and I can see my children suffer a little, there it hurts a lot.

Cami Homs stucco with Wanda Nara in Punta del Este.

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