Camila Homs against Rodrigo de Paul: new details of the millionaire lawsuit that the model started

While Rodrigo dePaul is on vacation in Miami with Tini Stoessel, Camila Homs go ahead with the millionaire lawsuit that started the footballer, for all the years that he was by his side living outside the country to accompany him in his career. In addition, the model wants to implement a visitation regime so that her children continue to see their father, who they accused of not seeing enough of them during their stay in Argentina.

Homes, who is already in a relationship again, started the economic compensation process from the lawyer’s hand Ignatius Trimarco. The lawyer indicated in dialogue with “Intruders” that the first judicial hearing will be on June 28 in Argentina.

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Camila goes for what corresponds to a woman who was in a relationship for 12 years, who lived together, who has two minor children. Let’s remember that he has one that wasn’t even a year old. There are some cases in Argentina in which up to 50% of what the couple has earned during the course of the relationship is accessed,” Trimarco explained.

Camila Homs seeks financial compensation for the years she accompanied Rodrigo de Paul abroad.

“They were making her a rather unfortunate proposal. What she was agreeing to was not what the law foresees and it was leaving Camila in a total state of helplessness and what has to do with the rights that correspond to her,” The lawyer added about the previous legal representative who was advising the influencer.

In that sense, Florence of the V noted that in these cases, the fee to be paid is measured in relation to the ex-husband’s salary in this case.

Trimarco agreed and added: “What has to do with food, there yes It has to do with the income of the person, the non-cohabiting parent. In terms of financial compensation, it has to do with what Camila began this relationship when she was 14 years old, at 18 she left the country accompanying her partner. He was able to carry out his professional career as a soccer player successfully and she dedicated herself to taking care of his children, as he does to this day.”

Look at the new details revealed about the millionaire demand of Camila Homs to Rodrigo de Paul

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