Cameraman beaten: Rapper Fler is on trial again

cameraman beaten
Rapper Fler is back in court

The Berlin rapper Fler is known for not being squeamish with his fellow human beings. Now he has to answer to a whole series of alleged criminal offenses in court again. If convicted, he faces a year and six months in prison on probation.

In another trial against him, the Berlin rapper Fler admitted that there had been insults via social media in March 2020. The 40-year-old explained this to the district court in Berlin-Tiergarten. The background was a campaign in which he was accused of misogyny. Fler, whose real name is Patrick Losensky, is also accused of attacking, threatening and insulting a television crew in March 2020 who wanted to interview him as he left a store.

There are two charges at trial. It deals with the suspicion of insult, bodily harm, threats and property damage. The statement by the musician with the rough image was preceded by an agreement between those involved in the process. In the event of a confession, Fler was promised a total sentence of a maximum of one year and six months in prison on probation. In it, a conviction that has now become final in March 2021 is to be withdrawn to ten months’ imprisonment on probation.

At the beginning of his current statement, the rapper went on to say that it was also true that he had hit a cameraman. He felt harassed and wanted to prevent his girlfriend, with whom he was traveling at the time, from being filmed. In the future, he wanted to “avoid confrontations,” says Fler. A verdict could come in the near future.

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