Calvin Kleinen knows: Henrik is afraid of losing Paulina

Calvin Kleinen (29) can understand very well how Henrik Stoltenberg feels! Calvin participated in both Temptation Island and Temptation Island VIP. Now he is analyzing the new season of the celebrity edition of the spicy loyalty test show for RTL. His buddy Henrik became particularly emotional in the first episode because of his girlfriend Paulina Ljubas (24). Calvin clarified in his “Temptation” talk: He knows that Henrik is terrified of losing his partner!

In the first episode of “Temptation Island V.I.P.” broke Henrik in tears as he thought about what might happen in the mansion if he drank too much alcohol. Calvin stressed on YouTube: Henrik loves Paulina full pull.” Because the Bon Schlonzo inventor had such strong feelings for the ex-Cologne 50667 actress, he knew what he was putting at risk if he hurt his girlfriend, explained Calvin. But he also believes: “He can’t hold back.”

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device Henrik so at “Temptation Island V.I.P.” really in dicey situations when the alcohol is flowing and the mood with the hot seductresses really boils up? It is not yet clear. What is certain, however, is that surprisingly Paulina is the one who doesn’t take loyalty that seriously. The trailer for the flirt show could already be seen how the influencer smooches with a seducer.

“Temptation Island VIP” since November 11th on RTL +.

Paulina Ljubas and Henrik Stoltenberg
Calvin Kleinen, reality TV star
Henrik Stoltenberg, TV notoriety

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Henrik Stoltenberg, TV notoriety

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