Calorie bomb: This is what Reiner Calmund’s breakfast looked like in the past

Reiner Calmund (72) has undergone a huge physical change. The TV star underwent gastric bypass surgery in January of last year and has since lost a staggering 90 pounds. The former football official is hardly recognizable today. Before he declared war on the excess pounds, his diet had looked very different. Calli now reveals what he typically ate for breakfast in the past.

In an interview with image the 72-year-old listed: “All kinds of eggs, then of course bacon had to be included, blueberries were always something special for me, and when I then ate sausage and cheese with a bread roll, it had to be something sweet in the end.” He knows himself that this is a lot of food and sees a big difference in his diet today from what it used to be. “I still eat my favorite breakfast: blueberries,” said the former football manager. Every now and then I add an egg or a little wholemeal bread with ham, cheese or jam on it – but nothing more.

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According to the Grill, the decisive factor for the Henssler jurors was his operation last year. Since then, the feeling of satiety has set in at a much earlier point in time. In addition, he takes various dietary supplements to maintain his new weight.

Reiner Calmund in August 2021

Krick, Jens / ActionPress

Reiner Calmund in August 2021
Reiner Calmund in December 2019
Reiner Calmund in November 2021

Moritz Kegler / Photo Scheiber / ActionPress

Reiner Calmund in November 2021

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