Calling on mobile wi-fi: instructions for use. It’s free and it goes everywhere!

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Make Wi-Fi calls with your cell phone. The use remains relatively unknown to the general public. This is why Arcep is launching a communication campaign to make it known. La Dépêche explains how it works.

Do you use wi-fi for the internet on your phone, PC or television on a daily basis? Did you know that you can also use wi-fi to… phone? This functionality is still too little known, says Arcep, the telecoms policeman. It can be very useful for calling and sending SMS and MMS when you have poor reception inside a building. Here’s how.

Are all phones compatible?

Today, more than 200 mobile phone models are compatible with wi-fi calling. Many but not all yet. Some models or your plan may not give you access to wi-fi calling. It may also be necessary to activate this option on your mobile.

How do I enable Wi-Fi Calling?

The reflex to have is to refer to the instructions for use of your telephone. Here is for example an Arcep tutorial for an Iphone 6S:

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Instructions for an Iphone 6S.
infog. Arcep

Here is another Arcep tutorial for a Samsung Galaxy S8:

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Instructions for a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Instructions for a Samsung Galaxy S8.
infog. Arcep

How does wi-fi calling work?

When Wi-Fi calling is enabled, your phone uses the surrounding Wi-Fi network to make calls at no additional cost:

– or a nearby internet box regardless of the operator. It may be necessary to enter a password and an authentication key to connect to it

– either a public hotspot

The call can switch from wi-fi to mobile network without interruption.

Are wi-fi calls free?

The activation of wi-fi calls is completely free with the four operators, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free mobile. Wi-Fi calls are treated as calls on your operator’s mobile network. The rate is the same whether the call is made over Wi-Fi or the mobile network.

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