CALL. Do you know a restaurant or café that saves energy in an original way?

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A candlelit dinner can be very romantic, but also a way for many catering establishments to save on energy bills: the lighting is (partially) switched off and the heating is a few degrees lower. Do you know a restaurant, café, bistro… that tries to reduce the energy bill in an original way? For example, by handing out blankets to customers, launching a thick sweater day, paying for patio heaters, working with candles or putting together your own energy construction? Let us know here!

Karen Haesendonckx

At Mombasa in Antwerp, the patio heaters work on pennies. © Maarten De Bouw

Restaurant boat De Kleppende Klipper in Mol made its own heating construction: “I tap the heat from the ovens with a system of copper pipes. Via a circulation pump and a pressure vessel, the recovered heat goes to a copper coil that hangs centrally in the restaurant.” © Bert DeDeken

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