Call boy hired by woman who killed boyfriend in motel narrates the couple’s last fight

Marcella Ellen was arrested after having confessed to killing her fiance, Jordan Guimarães, in a motel in the Federal District, on November 9th. Hours before the crime, the couple hired the services of Gabriel, a call boy, who has been helping the police in the investigation of the crime.

In the statement, Gabriel de Matos, 25 years old, narrated details of what he witnessed in the room with the couple. The professional’s speech reinforces Marcella’s version. According to the boy, the couple fought because the model demanded a position from the groom about sexual abuse suffered by his daughter.

According to Marcella, the couple found out that one of Jordan’s daughters was raped inside the house where she lives with her mother, the businessman’s ex-wife. The model demanded that the groom do something about it to help the girl. Still according to Gabriel’s testimony, the couple had used a lot of drugs on the day of the murder.

Call boy ran away from the couple after intense fight

In an interview with RecordTV, Gabriel also recalled the couple’s fight. “I arrived at the motel around 1:00 am and left at 1:44 am. When I entered the room, I felt a bad atmosphere and saw a lot of drugs. [drogas] and I already had a bad feeling”, he said in the interview.

Gabriel also recalled that he was attacked by the businessman. “Jordan attacked Marcella and she took the gun to defend herself. At that moment, I tried to separate the two, but he [Jordan] pushed me and I nearly hit my head on the floor. I was scared because the weather was horrible. After that, I took the door key and left,” he declared.

remember the crime

The couple continued to argue after the program boy left. At that moment, Marcella would have called Dial 100 to report the violation of human rights. When trying to call the organ, the model was slapped in the face.

After being assaulted, Marcella took Jordan’s gun out of her purse and shot him. The shot hit the man in the right eye. To get away, she used his car, an Audi Q7, which was blocked on the road due to the insurance tracker.

In order to continue fleeing, Marcella stole a school van, but stopped at a gas station and surrendered to military police. The Bachelor of Law is being held in a special cell at the prison in Barro Alto (GO). “When I fired the gun with my eyes closed, it was just to scare Jô”, she said in testimony.

Marcella and Jordan’s wedding was scheduled for the day after the crime. Marcella is still imprisoned in the women’s prison in Barro Alto (GO), but should be transferred in the next few days. If convicted, the model could face up to ten years in prison, in addition to paying a fine and having to provide community service.

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