Caliente or icy atmosphere? Focus on the countries where we make love the most

Parties until the end of the night, relaxing afternoons … warm temperatures and long summer nights are usually a call to make the most of it. It is also well known that in the countries of the southern hemisphere, people spend much more time outdoors, dancing, sharing moments together, etc. But that doesn’t mean that the countries of the northern hemisphere are synonymous with boredom. On the contrary, moreover. In your opinion, the ideal time to cuddle for two would rather be: winter under the duvet by the fire, or rather under a temperature exceeding 40, for a more caliente atmosphere?

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Everyone has their preferences. However, we tried to find out which are the countries in which men and women make love the most … and obviously, the temperatures do not have much influence … All that matters is to be done pleasure !


Pole position among the most naughty countries, the land of the Greek Gods is ultimately not just a myth. With an average of 164 reports per person in a year, they are still, and for a long time, the world champions in this field!


Greece is therefore closely followed by THE country CALIENTE, Brazil. Known for their very sexy dances and their hot blood, Brazilians seem to be real “Latin lovers”. A reputation that is no longer to be proven thanks to their average of 145 sexual relations per year.


To finish the podium, Russia. Here is FINALLY the exception to the rule proving that no, the heat and the sun are not always synonymous with sexual desire. The Russians, though a good part of the year in the cold, would obviously like to spend time with their partner under the duvet, warm, without waiting for a good part of the legs in the air to continue to raise the temperature !

One last little clarification, France is not even in the Top 10… so perhaps we should think about dropping the sausage and wine, and activating the magic wand more! To help you appreciate somersaults more: Dr Love: The best tips for escaping the routine in bed

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