Calf caught resting in passenger seat on highway

In the USA There are many occasions when the craziest things happen in the unthinkable than in other parts of the world, as happened with a video that has become trend in TikTok where we see a calf sitting in the passenger seat of a truck in the middle of the road, impressing millions of users of this social network.

traveling comfortably

The video took place in Texasa place where, according to its own inhabitants, the most unusual things happen on the road, as was the clip that shows a subject driving his truck, but with the most unusual company at his side: a calf.

The one in charge of sharing the tape in TikTok is named Shelby Sorrelwho was traveling between Austin Y College Station when he noticed the baby cow in the passenger seat, seeming to fit perfectly into the space reserved for it.

Users share similar experiences

The video was shared in mid-July and has since added over 3.2 million views: “Point of View: You are driving down a freeway in Texas”says the description inserted in the video where country music plays in the background.

Immediately, the users of this social network did not miss the opportunity to leave hilarious comments on the publication: “My dad would just throw calves in the truck. It’s a waste to use a trailer on a calf.”, “My brothers and I were at daycare after school one day and there was a donkey in our truck”, “It’s East Texas. It has to be my hometown, I just know it.”, “That’s a dehydrated baby. I just lost one today. I worked on it for 6 days. RIP, friend”, “we did it with our show goat but it was cold and there was no way she was riding in the back”.

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