Calenda’s proposal to Pd and M5s on La7: “Let’s make the minimum wage together at 9 euros, working poverty is unworthy”

“I think col Pd we have to do some things together in the opposition. Indeed, I say more. I make a proposal on one thing we can do with the Pd and the M5s: the minimum wage of 9 euros, because in-work poverty in Italy is unworthy. Let’s do this. I said it, I’m waiting”. It is the proposal pronounced live at “The air blowing” (A7) from the leader of Action, Carlo Calendawhich also dwells on the name of Letizia Moratti to the Lombardy regional authorities: “I fully understand the difficulty of accepting it by the Democratic Party. It is not that I say that Moratti is an easy choice for the Democratic Party, God forbid. And I don’t think Moratti is leftistbut he is from the reformist center as we are from the Third Pole. We are only asking the Democratic Party if it wants to support a figure who has an institutional caliber and is a pro-European democrat in Lombardy ”.

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