Calenda, new veto to the Democratic Party: “The prime minister cannot be Letta. Draghi must be kept in Palazzo Chigi in every possible way “

“We discuss concrete things, not names and alchemy. For Action And More Europe the candidate for president of the Council it can’t be Enrico Letta“. With a statement to theAgi Carlo Calenda puts another mine on the coalition site between the center and the Democratic Party sponsored by the dem secretary. The Action leader responds with these words to Matteo RicciPd Mayor of Pesaro (and president of the Italian Local Autonomies) who this morning had “candidate” Letta at Palazzo Chigi with a tweet: “Enough skirmishes, we need responsibility: Enrico Letta is thepolitical alternative to Meloni, Pd goal first party. Without a pro-European alliance we are not competitive in the colleges, those who do not ally themselves with the Democratic Party plays the game of the right“.

“Try to force on this point it would immediately close the discussion. Our goal is to convince Mario Draghi to remain at Palazzo Chigi, bringing votes on an agenda consistent with that carried out by his government “, Calenda replies, immediately after presenting the”Republican pact”Together with + Europa and having exchanged correspondence of loving meaning with the former Minister of Forza Italia Mariastella Gelmini. A concept that the former Minister of Economic Development reaffirms in a video posted on social media: “Let’s face it, at the end of the fair we must keep Dragons there, in any way possible, and build a stronger, more cohesive, more liberal, more reformist majority ”. And in the evening, if the concept was not clear, he repeats: “There is only one person who must keep to being Prime Minister and his name is Mario Draghi. If the Italian citizens let us win, I promise we will ask Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi. That’s what this country needs ”.

At the same time, the leader of Action dictates some rather “cumbersome” points of his political program: “Do you want gas? You have to do i regasifiers. Do you want to handle the garbage? You have to do i waste-to-energy plants. Are the communities protesting? Amen. If you have to militarize the sites they militarize, because it is a question of national security ”. New diktats that are added to the vetoes already placed on the presence of the 5 star movement (also excluded from Letta) and by Italian left and Green Europe. Who take the opportunity to respond in kind: “Calenda proposes his recipe: nuclear power plants, continue to burn fossil fuels as if the climate crisis did not exist and, last but not least, militarize the sites to build nuclear power plants and regasifiers. It was Silvio Berlusconi’s program of twenty years ago, now inherited from the sovereign pole “, attack the green co-spokespersons Eleonora Evi And Angelo Bonelli together with the secretary of Si Nicola Fratoianni. “Dear Calenda, these proposals are inadmissible not only for us of Green Europe and the Italian Left, but they are incompatible – they conclude – with the Italian and European democratic, progressive, ecological political culture ”.

The calendar program, on the other hand, receives appreciation from the “liberal“Of the hypothetical coalition. The first is Gelmini: “I have read the manifesto of Action. Europeanism and Atlanticism, infrastructures, Pnrr, industry 4.0, revision of citizenship income. It is the Draghi agenda and it is what Italy needs. I’m here, let’s meet ”, he writes to the former minister. That he responds satisfied: “With great pleasure”. Even the senator Andrea Marcuccireference of the Renzians who remained in the Democratic Party, approves: “Calenda’s words are a good viaticum to open a real programmatic table. There are the conditions to make a broad and competitive alliance, with a serious and responsible project for Italy ”. While the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti, leader of the new cartel Italy in the Center, takes the opportunity to ask for Fratoianni and the greens to be killed: “Carlo Calenda’s program is in many ways acceptable, but I don’t know how many will share it in Enrico Letta’s coalition. I think of the most extreme left, of the environmentaliststo the lords of the no and of the appeals to the TAR “.

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