Caio Castro appears shaken in video after accident during race: ‘I had to go to the hospital’

Caio Castro appeared visibly shaken after his car in the Porsche Cup was pressed between two other vehicles during the race, which preceded the Formula 1 Brazilian GP, ​​this Sunday (13), in São Paulo. Caio said that after the accident he was taken straight to the hospital.

“First, thank you for the concern of all of you, the messages I received concerned about my condition after the accident at the Porsche Cup, in Interlagos”, said the artist, at the beginning of the video published on his Instagram Stories.

Caio Castro updates health status

“It really wasn’t what we expected. We ended up having an accident right at the beginning, there was a squeeze, a rather bad crash, the car went up, anyway… I had to go to the hospital to do some procedures that the regulation requires. I stayed there for a little while to see if everything was ok and it is”, warned the athlete, a professional in this sport for years.

In the Porsche Cup since the 2021 season, Caio then explained that although his physical health has been preserved, he is not happy. “I’m disappointed, it wasn’t the result I wanted us to have. Apart from the result of unfulfilled duty, everything is fine”, he lamented.

The actor, who boosted his body to act in the soap opera “Todas as Flores”, said that although this Sunday things did not work out for him, the day before he managed to climb on the podium. “Not everything was so sad. On Saturday we managed to score well, we took a podium. Despite everything, like I said, I’m fine, I’m home. A little disappointed on Sunday, but we brought the trophy on Saturday. That’s how we ended this 2022 season. . May it come next year”, he concluded.

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