Café com Aroma de Mulher, by Netflix, recreates a Colombian soap opera, avoiding exaggerations; see the review

Everyone who has watched SBT at some point in the last 20 years has heard of “Coffee with Women’s Scent“. The catchy theme song and the impossible love story was successful in Brazil in its original version, produced in Colombia in 1994, when it was shown by the radio station. Silvio Santos — more than once, inclusive.

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Now the famous novel gets a version in a leaner format by the hands of Netflix, which intends to increase its investments in soap operas in Latin America, to take advantage of the fact that the format is quite popular in these lands. The American company must be very happy with the success that this version has been having with streaming subscribers.

The story is as usual: Gaviota and his mother work on a coffee farm, where they hope it will be their last year of service to others: they want to have their own piece of land. However, things do not go exactly as expected. The girl still falls in love with Sebastian, the rich heir to the coffee farm. It’s two different and seemingly incompatible worlds that meet.

well done clichés always work

“Café com Aroma de Mulher”, in the original and in the remake, appeals to a jumble of clichés that everyone who follows the soaps knows very well: young people in love from families from different social classes, who have to go through obstacles to get together. Caricature villains who will do everything to prevent this from happening. One or another cuter character to compose the “comic core”, etc.

However, what might sound like a bad thing turns out to be the format’s biggest advantage. “Café com Aroma de Mulher” is a delicious cliché, great to accompany and which features good performances by charismatic actors. This perhaps explains the huge success of the production with the public, not to mention the nostalgia for the past version. See the full review in the video above. The 88 episodes are now available on the platform.

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