CAF: the delay in the payment of January benefits is caused by "bank deadlines"

By Graziella L. Posted January 8, 2022 3:39 PM

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You still have not received your payment from CAF for the month of January? Do not panic, the organization indicated that it was simply a question of banking delays at the start of the year.

Thousands of French people benefiting from allocations from CAF were waiting for them payment of the month of January, last Wednesday. But he seems to have retard, as has been pointed out many times on social networks. The Family allowance announced in a press release that bank deadlines were responsible for this delay, which should be resolved quickly.

It would be a “slight delay between the transfer and its arrival on the account due to bank processing“, which encountered some difficulties at the beginning of the year. In a desire to reassure those who must receive the RSA, family allowances or housing assistance, CAF said that all payments of benefits had been done. The transfer should now be visible on your Bank account. Otherwise, quickly contact your CAF to settle the problem.

Since the beginning of the year, d” other beneficiaries indicated that they had difficulty connecting to their personal space, and report file closures or bugs recurring. CAF explained by indicating that there are too many connection attempts at the same time, and invites beneficiaries to do “evidence of patience“.

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