Cadastre, amendment by the entire center-right against the government reform (also supported by Lega and Forza Italia)

They are well 93 the amendments presented by the League to the tax reform, five of which shared by the entire center-right. Apart from the declarations of a national concord, a part of the majority crosses the path that the Draghi government is following. The elections of 2023 they are not that far away and we come back smooth the hair to the relevant electorates. Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia therefore ask for the excerpt of the land registry reform, the extension of the mini flat tax, the installment of payments on account and the reduction of the withholding tax on self-employment, the constitutionalization of the taxpayer’s statute, and the binding opinion of the commissions to implementing decrees.

Among the changes proposed by the League alone there are also the total suppression of IRAP (with which public health is financed, ed) and the reshaping of IRPEF to only three rates against the current five which will be reduced to four. “The League has presented amendments to the tax reform delegation to cut taxes and bureaucracy. We say no to the land registry reform, flat tax up to 100 thousand euros “, said the leader of the League Matteo Salvini.

The one on the land registry seems to be the most heated battle. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi on several occasions he reassured that the reform will take place with no change in revenue. The intention is to obtain a redistribution of the tax burden on the brick by adjusting the annuities to market values ​​but without increasing the total amount of property taxes. From remodeling they would be anyway excluding the first houses. Basically, those who own properties would be penalized, in addition to the main house, in areas where prices have risen while those who own them should save money in areas where prices have fallen. The calculations for the new land register would be based on the square meters and no longer on the number of rooms in the house. The League has always been opposed to the reform, considering it impossible to make changes of this type without this being accompanied by an increase in the overall levy. Come on Italy it has had a less uncompromising position in the past. Full support instead from Pd and Leu. In the past the 5 Star Movement had stated thatthe reform of the Land Registry is not the priority intervention to relaunch growth and employment. But if it finds its place in the proxy law, we will not back down. But it must be clear that there will be no overall tax burden ”.

He welcomes the center-right amendments Giorgio Spaziani Testa, president of the Confedilizia (association of property owners). “The presentation by the entire center-right of an amendment extracting the revision of the land registry from the tax reform is a very important step in view of the start of the examination of the delegation by the Chamber of Deputies “, he said.

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