Cacciari and third dose, the invitation to do it by quoting Socrates. Web controversy: "He died poisoned"

Massimo Cacciari

Rome, 12 January 2022 – He communicated that he had done the third dose of Covid vaccine and invited, citing Socrates, who can proceed with the vaccination, because “these are the laws and until you have the strength to change them, you have to respect them”. The announcement of Massimo Cacciari he took Italian public opinion by surprise who, after having seen him as a guest of many talk shows in recent months, to express his positions criticisms against vaccines e Green pass, she seems to have been quite impressed by the philosopher’s communication. The web did not fail to record the news with a mixture of sarcasm, indignation, irony: users wrote dozens of posts on the subject, so much so that Cacciari’s name jumped at the top of the trend topic of the moment on Twitter and beyond. “After all that mess he put up, now change your mind? “, one user bluntly writes. And another:” Heck, but how is that possible, but are you all slaves?“.” What a great disappointment – complains a third -. Do you see that these are making fun of you? “.

Irony also on the citation, by the philosopher, of Socrates and his death sentence. “Philosophers obey the laws – is the phrase of the former mayor of Venice -, even when they consider them totally crazy. Socrates teaches”. And the users: “Cacciari makes the third dose of vaccine and justifies himself by citing Socrates. Well, much more original than Robert Kennedy Jr. who blamed his wife”. There are also those who remind him that Socrates “if I’m not mistaken, he died poisoned“and those who point out that” he chose to die precisely in order not to abdicate his deep ethical belief, which required him to search for the Truth. “And there are also those who respond to the philosopher by posting another quote from Socrates:” There is only one well, knowledge, e only one evil, ignorance“.

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Among the many, the president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, who wrote on Twitter: “Cacciari did the third dose and protected himself. Unlike the #novax that follow him“.

But in the end there are also those on social media – few, to tell the truth – defending him: “Those who attack Cacciari have understood nothing of his speech”, ventures a user of social networks. A user ends with a flourish: “He’s a great comedian, we’ll call him Booster Keaton”.

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