" But you know you can kiss me " : the incredible proposal of a famous actress to Stéphane Guillon, Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé totally amazed!

A direct wind! It is not uncommon to see a few kisses exchanged during a television show. But it also happens, sometimes, to attend a “refusal to comply”. Proof of this is with Victoria Abril this Saturday, January 15 on the set ofWe are live on France 2. The 62-year-old Spanish actress, particularly known for her role in the series Clem broadcast on TF1, was the guest of Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé to discuss his return to the stage to perform the play funny kind, as pointed out by our colleagues from Purepeople.

While she was already on set, the actress attended with joy the arrival of Stéphane Guillon, who, it seems, greatly exhilarated her. “But you know you can kiss me”, she let go for the humorist who did not stop to greet her and went directly to the place that was assigned to her. The latter, not seeming to want to catch up, then saw Victoria Abril insist:“Well, you don’t kiss anymore?”. To which he replied: “It seems that we no longer have the right to kiss…”, no doubt referring to the Covid-19 pandemic that is raging in the country and around the world. Faced with this somewhat embarrassing scene, Léa Salamé then regained control of the show: “Sorry to disturb”, she intervened without really succeeding in winning her case and moving the two actors to something else.

This is why Laurent Ruquier’s colleague asked, in turn, a question with a lot of humor and a slight embarrassment: “Do you want to kiss?”. The famous host of France 2 cutting his counterpart by asking Victoria Abril and Stéphane Guillon if they were in a relationship. To which the actress replied:“No, I have a platonic love of sets. That is to say, I have always seen him on set”. “Something is going to happen, in any case, tonight”, continued Léa Salamé, probably hoping to attend a great moment of television without much success.

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