Burned-out star Filip Čapka Street exhibits paintings: Painting got him out of the crisis

The actor and also the host of the do-it-yourself show on ČT Polopat had a personal crisis years ago when he felt burnt out as an actor. From the trauma of divorce proceedings with his wife Zuzana Capkova (47), to whom he has been married for 17 years, got him not only a nice blonde, but also painting. Now he showed off his creations at a joint exhibition with artist Jiří Macht (45) in Prague’s Rock Café. “Thanks to Jirko, I realized again, and I mean it dead serious, that just sitting in a corner and swearing at what is happening is not enough. So I got out of that corner and now we’re going to do it together,” said Čapka at the opening of the exhibition called Face to Face.

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Filip found himself in painting. “I’ve always wanted to paint, but I felt that it was a pose, that since I have the studio and I’m the painter, I snapped at it,” he confided to the newspaper Aha! painting actor. “I had a giant image in my head of a circus stage and a huge elephant standing on its hind legs. I ended up painting it, even though it’s smaller – about twenty by thirty… I have it in my bedroom and it’s a sweetheart. I won’t let it go,” revealed Čapka. Instead of an elephant, his unique portrait of President Masaryk can be seen in the exhibition, which will last until the end of the month.

Actor: The shovel is holy

The do-it-yourself show Polopata has been hosted by Filip Čapka for the tenth year and he still enjoys it. “She’s my sweetheart, my child, and we hold ourselves to a high standard. The shovel is holy!” the presenter let herself be heard. in the world!” said Čapka with pride.

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