Burešová at the end? The dream of a big family is shattered

“It just didn’t work for us. It makes me sad sometimes. I mainly dealt with it because of my son. I had an idea that we would be a big family, we would have five children and we would all live in great love,“ she spoke on the Top Star magazine program some time ago about the collapse of her first relationship, saying that it made no sense for her to stay with her ex-partner Michael Krásný only for the sake of little Nathaniel, who was barely a few months old.

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At that time, her mother often helped her take care of her son. “I used to have her move in with me, so when I went to work, she helped look after me,” she also revealed Burešová.

But now he has a partner he can rely on. WITH Premek Forej she recently fulfilled her dream of a house in a quiet location. She found a refuge for herself and her children (Nathaniel, Tristan William and Stella) near Benešovo, where she is happy. “We found our happy place. I thank God for all the chances he has given me and is giving me. Thank you for the pain along the way because it makes me who I am and who I’m supposed to be next to. Making yourself and your loved ones happy is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. I’m happy,” the actress recently wrote on her Instagram.

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