Bundesliga: LIVE: BVB problem child with a double

The 2022 World Cup is underway in Qatar, the ball is resting in the Bundesliga – almost. This Thursday, BVB and the rest of the squad will play a friendly against the Lion City Sailors. Here you can follow the Borussia Dortmund test live in the live ticker.

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Lion City Sailors – BVB: 1:5

Gates 0: 1 (31st, own goal), 0: 2 Malen (35th), 0: 3 Malen (45th), 0: 4 Bamba (65th), 1: 4 Quak (67th), 1: 5 Bamba (72.)
Lineup BVB Meyer (46th Lotka) – Passlack (59th Semic), Can (46th Papadopoulos), Coulibaly (46th Collins), Schulz (46th Aning) – Özcan (46th Michel), Braaf (46th Njinmah) – Pasalic (46 Guille Bueno), Pohlmann (59 Özkan), Malen (46 Rijkhoff) – Broschinski (46 Bamba)
yellow cards

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker – 5:1

76 There is a brief interruption because Michel needs treatment.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Goal

72. Gooooooooooool! Lion City Sailors – BVB 1:5! It’s Bamba again! After two blocked shots, he lets two defenders slide into space and deliberately pushes the ball into the bottom right corner.

70 drinking break.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Goal

67. Gooooooooooool! Lion City Sailors – BVB 1:4! And the hosts can be happy too. After problems with the defensive coordination, Singapore’s biggest star Gabriel Quak gets the ball and pushes the ball past Lotka.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Goal

65 Goooooooooooor! Lion City Sailors – BVB 0:4! Njinmah fuels through on the left and finds Bamba with a cross that is unluckily extended by the keeper. Musemestre Bamba’s son has an easy game and only has to push into the empty goal.

61 Rijkhoff has the first good opportunity after the break. His shot from the turn doesn’t bother the running keeper of the hosts.

59 Now the working day is also over for Pohlmann and Passlack. Özkan and Semic are in the game.

56 Aning pulls in from the left, but his shot is blocked.

51. Pohlmann, one of the few remaining players from the first half, tries his luck from around 16 meters. His shot flies just over the goal.

49 BVB still has everything under control, among other things, Talent Rijkhoff is now storming.

46 Go on. Dortmund has replaced almost the entire team.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Half time

45. +1. Then it’s half time.

45 Goooooooooooor! Lion City Sailors – BVB 0:3! Double pack painting! The Dutchman initiates the hit himself. On the sixteen he plays a pass to Braaf, who is running with him on the left. His cross is deflected forward by the keeper. Painting is easy and slides in confidently. The best Dortmund attack so far.

41 Passlack’s shot flies just over the bar.

39 It’s almost instantaneous here! Malen has a great chance of scoring his second goal, but misses a low cross from the right by a step. With a little more determination it would have been 3-0 here. That also fits with his mixed first half.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Goal

35. Gooooooooooool! Lion City Sailors – BVB 0:2! Now the scorer’s name is Malen. Braaf breaks through on the left and finds the Dutchman in the penalty area, who hooks two and pikes the ball into the goal.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Test match by Borussia Dortmund NOW in the live ticker: Goal

32 Goooooooooooor! Lion City Sailors – BVB 0:1! That’s where it happened. Passlack unlocks paint on the right side. He pulls up briefly and crosses sharply into the middle. The cross is unluckily deflected into his own goal by a player from the hosts.

31. At the moment, things are mainly happening in midfield until Passlack pulls away. His shot doesn’t even come close to the goal.

25 The first drinking break is now on, in Singapore the players are finally exposed to high temperatures.

22 BVB’s urge phase seems to be over for the time being, and now a few bad passes are creeping in.

20 Passlack has to admit defeat in a running duel, but the subsequent cross is easily intercepted by Meyer.

18 Post! First Pasalic’s shot is blocked, then Passlack gets the ball and hits aluminum with a volley.

16 The lead is now up in the air, Dortmund is still a little lacking in target water.

12. The third big opportunity in a very short time! Pohlmann pulls into the long corner with a lot of force, but fails because of the strongly reacting keeper.

11. Malen, who was not nominated by the Netherlands for the World Cup, puts the ball through to Braaf, whose shot from a tight angle flies through the six-yard box. Broschinski was a step too late.

10 The first good chance of the game. Pasalic prevails on the sixteen and pulls from around 18 meters. His shot just missed the goal.

6. It looks like the right-back can continue.

5. First interruption in the game: Passlack stays put after a pressing hit.

4. The ball lands in the goal! Dortmund’s defense is undermined with a pass, Meyer skilfully overpowered. Before that, however, there was an offside position. It stays at 0:0.

3. Why not? Malen sees that the Singapore goalkeeper is far in front of the goal and tries it over 30 meters. But his attempt lands clearly to the right of the box.

2. It’s going to be dangerous the first time. Schulz is played on the left. His flat cross is easily stopped by the keeper.

1. The ball rolls.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Borussia Dortmund test match in the live ticker – before the start

Before start: The players stand on the lawn. It’s about to start!

Before start: The arena in Singapore is sold out, as befits its status.

BVB vs. Lion City Sailors: Borussia Dortmund test match in the live ticker: Lineup there

before Beginning: The BVB line-up is here! Edin Terzic surprisingly relies on Nico Schulz, who hasn’t even played for Borussia Dortmund this season. Hummels is not in the squad, while Can and Malen, among others, start. Pasalic, Pohlmann, Broschinski and Braaf, all attacking players, actually belong to the U23s.

This is how BVB runs: Meyer – Passlack, Coulibaly, Can, Schulz – Özcan, Braaf – Pasalic, Pohlmann, Malen – Broschinski

before Beginning: Eleven national players from Dortmund are in action at the 2022 World Cup, and the squad for the Asia Tour has been filled with players from the U23 and U19. The BVB stars Marco Reus, Mats Hummels and Donyell Malen are also there, but the former traveled to Singapore ailing and will probably only complete an individual training program.

Before start: The BVB entourage arrived in Singapore on Tuesday afternoon – of course without the World Cup drivers – and was welcomed over 500 enthusiastic fans at the airport. The first training session was on Wednesday, and Borussia will be on the road in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam until December 1st.

Before start: The game kicks off at 1:30 p.m. German time and will be played at the Jalan Besar Sports Center in Singapore. The stadium in the city-state with over five million inhabitants offers space for around 6,000 spectators.

Before start: Welcome to the live ticker of the test match between Borussia Dortmund and the Lion City Sailors from Singapore – the first game as part of BVB’s Asia Tour 2022.

BVB: Test match against Lion City Sailors today live on TV and live stream

If you need some distance from the World Cup and don’t want to miss the BVB test match, you have several options to see the action live in addition to our live ticker. The black and yellow broadcast the game live on their paid video platform BVB-TV.

You can watch the test match live on Sky on TV, on the channel Sky Sport Bundesliga (HD) the transmission begins at 1.25 p.m. with Flo Malburg as commentator. Also DAZN is at the start of the BVB test match, on “Netflix des Sports” the game will be commented on by Adrian Geiler from 1.30 p.m. For as little as EUR 29.99 per month or EUR 274.99 per year, you can also watch games from the Bundesliga, Champions League, Serie A and much more on DAZN.

BVB: The test matches during the ASIA TOUR 2022

date Time (CET) Opponent location
Thursday, 24.11. 1.30 p.m Lion City Sailors Kallang, Singapore
Monday, November 28th 12.00 p.m Johor Southern Tigers Malaysia
Wed., 30.11. 1 p.m Vietnam national team Hanoi, Viet Nam

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