Bullet Train in 4K UHD and Blu-ray, the review: all aboard a real sensory bomb

Bullet Train review in 4K UHD and Blu-ray: the Eagle-distributed edition of the film starring Brad Pitt is a real sensory bomb with exceptional video, dazzling chroma and hyper-aggressive audio. The extras, on the other hand, are a bit subdued.

If there is a film with which you can switch off a little and go full throttle towards the purest (and rawest) entertainment, this is it. Bullet train by David Leitch. The director of Deadpool 2 in fact realizes a crazy and non-stop ride on the fastest train in the world through Japan, creating a hilarious and violent action with a pop aesthetic, full of quotes and hilarious cameos, and with a cast led by a Brad Pitt light-hearted and in great shape. The ideal film to watch and enjoy on the sofa at home, thanks to the home video release on November 16. Thanks to Eagle Pictures that distributes the Sony Pictures product, we have already been able to appreciate the technically most prestigious edition, the two-disc edition with the 4K UHD and blu-ray versions inside (and a nice card with Brad Pitt in the the role of his character Ladybug), which in this review we are now going to analyze.

The video: super detail, great clarity and a dazzling feast of colors


An explosion of colours, a granitic detail but above all an impressive sharpness: the panorama offered by 4K UHD videos of Bullet Train is really sensational. A feast for the eyes with a sharp picture, rich in even the smallest details and always compact and flawless despite the extreme frenzy and dynamism of many high-speed scenes. Dazzling close-ups that reveal any line or scratch on the skin and highlight wounds and blood splatters with crazy clarity, but also an incredible solidity of the night panoramas, which always give a strong sensation of depth.

Bullet Train Brad Pitt

Bullet Train: An image of Brad Pitt

Dolby Vision offers colors of an audacity rarely seen before: in this respect the film is particularly pushed between the clothes of the protagonists, the neon lights, the red of blood, the illumination of the colorful train carriages or even details such as Prince’s eyes. Well the color rendering is crackling with a very rich palette, colors that really seem to jump off the screen with great intensity and suggestive shades. All embellished with a deep black and a bright white. In short, a real sensory and dazzling bomb, which even in dark scenes maintains a stunning integrity. Moving on to blu-ray, we find a product at the top of its format, detailed and hyper-colored, but obviously, in addition to the lower resolution, the lack of Dolby Vision does not allow the chroma to be as explosive as the 4K counterpart. A Blu-ray is still necessary, because it is on that disk that we will find all the extras.

Bullet Train, the review: Brad Pitt drives a wagon of stars, corpses, bullets and pure divertissement

The audio beats hard between gunfire, flying debris and hand-to-hand combat

Bullet Train 16

Bullet Train: Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry in a scene

Faced with a devastating English track in Dolby Atmos, the Italian audio comes with a still excellent DTS HD Master Audio 5.1, a track lossless which makes an excellent figure and allows full involvement in a film that is decidedly exuberant and noisy even on the sound front. What is striking is the aggressive approach of the audio, which immediately unleashes effects panning intoxicating, a remarkable overall spatiality and above all tough and powerful bass when the sub is called into question.

Brad Pitt Bullet Train

Bullet Train: Brad Pitt in a scene from the film

The feeling of total immersion in the frenzied madness of the film, between shots, explosions, hand-to-hand combat, bullets, flying debris, train speed, broken bottles and so on, is total: the rear axle is very active and precise , but obviously in this respect the English Atmos manages to give further emotions thanks to the exploitation of the verticality and greater muscularity of the sub. The beautiful songs that forcefully enter the scene from time to time are warm and enveloping, while the dialogues are clear and never drown in the midst of the effects.

Bullet Train, between Brad Pitt and destiny: because it’s not just a (big) action movie

The extras: audio commentary and just over half an hour of contributions

Bullet Train 14

Bullet Train: Joey King in a scene from the film

Even if the outside of the package announces over an hour of extras, in reality we only find just over half an hour of special contents. Without forgetting, however, that the audio commentary by director David Leitch, producer Kelly McCormick and screenwriter Zak Olkewicz is also present on the 4K disc. All other extras are on the blu-ray disc. It starts with Mission accomplished: creation of Bullet Train (6′), which offers an overview, through cast and crew interviews, of filmmaking style, fight choreography, stunts and characters.

Bullet Train 11

Bullet Train: Hiroyuki Sanada in a scene from the film

Continue with All aboard the train of sorrows: falls and stunts (5 ‘), which examines the spectacular action scenes with the difficulty of fighting and stunts of the cast within a limited space like that of the train. We find then Ducks and mistakes (3 ‘) with wrong lines, jokes and funny moments while filming, then Qualified professionals: the cast (7′) on the alchemy created on the set and on the contribution of each actor to the story. Another interesting featurette is Take a closer look at what has escaped you: the hidden surprises (4 ‘), which reveals some references and curiosities that may have escaped during the vision. It ends with Select stunt scene preview (4′), with concept videos compared to the final scenes seen in the film, and with Bullet Train vs pushes off the rails (4 ‘and a half), with a special promotion of the film by the characters of Lemon and Tangerine with the involvement of the NBA.


As described in the review of Bullet Train in 4K UHD and Blu-ray, the adrenaline, ironic and violent film with Brad Pitt, benefits in the edition distributed by Eagle of an exceptional video, capable of transmitting the emotions of a chroma in the best possible way. dazzling. The audio is also superb, reproducing in the most effective way a whirlwind of sound effects that envelop the viewer from every direction. Something more was expected from the extras.

Because we like it

  • The crackling color rendition is a real feast for the eyes.
  • The detail is always incisive in all circumstances.
  • The audio hits hard in spectacular action scenes.

What’s wrong

  • The extras are interesting, but for a film like that, half an hour of content is very little.

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