“Bullet Train” ending explained: who is behind it all and who survives

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the novel “Maria Beetle” by Japanese writer Kōtarō Isaka. “Bullet Train” (“Bullet train” in Spanish) it’s a action thriller starring Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Andrew Koji, Brian Tyree Henry, among others. The film follows five assassins who discover that their missions are not unrelated to each other.

The tape directed by David Leitch, responsible for directing “John Wick” and “Deadpool 2”, begins with Yuichi Kimura tracking the person responsible for his son being hospitalized to a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka. There he meets The Prince, a young woman who despite her tender and innocent appearance is a ruthless killer.

In the “Also traveling are Tangerine and Lemon, a mercenary duo hired by White Death to rescue her son and retrieve a briefcase full of money; Ladybug / Catarina, a murderer who tries to get away from violence, thinks he has bad luck and must steal the briefcase in place of his partner Carter; and Hornet, known as the ‘Hornet’ and who has the same mission.

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) fighting with Wolf (Bad Bunny), who tries to kill him in “Bullet Train” (Photo: Netflix)


While the ‘Twins’ deal with the son of the White Death, Catarina seizes the silver briefcase and prepares to get off at the first stop of the train, however, the Wolf (Bad Bunny) appears seeking revenge for the death of his wife. After a violent fight, Ladybug gets rid of him and tries to leave the transport.

However, Tangerine and Lemon stop them, as they need the briefcase if they want to avoid the wrath of White Death, who will be quite upset when he finds out that his son was killed on the train. Although the brothers believed that Catarina was responsible, Lemon, who presumes to be able to read people, assures that she is innocent, at least of that death.

While, Prince (Joey King) threatens Kimura with murdering his son if he doesn’t follow his directions.. With his help, he manages to seize the briefcase, open it and place a bomb inside. In addition, he gives her a modified weapon to try to kill the White Death. The young mercenary is sure she will fail, but she knows the legendary man takes out his enemies with his own weapons, so she hopes the gun or briefcase will blow up in her face.

After some fights and several hits, Catarina runs into Hornet, who admits to being the murderer of Lobo’s wife and White Death’s son. In fact, she tries to get rid of the assassin with the same poison, but fails and dies in the same way as his victims.

For his part, Lemon runs into Prince and Kimura, and after a brief conversation he discovers that they are involved in all the chaos. Due to the young mercenary’s excellent performance, she shoots Kimura, but soon realizes her mistake. She tries to fix it but he passes out because of a drug from Ladybug and is shot several times.

While Tangerine is looking for her brother, she runs into Prince, who manages to trick him until he notices that Lemon put a sticker on her that marks her as the villain. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character sets out to avenge the death of his partner, however, Catarina appears and kills him, thinking that he was trying to hurt an innocent girl.

Tangerine and Ladybug fighting over the briefcase in "Bullet Train" (Photo: Sony Pictures)
Tangerine and Ladybug fighting over the briefcase in “Bullet Train” (Photo: Sony Pictures)


Who is behind everything?

Father Yuichi Kimura (Michael Shannon) boards the “” in one of his last stations to rescue his son. Thanks to him, Ladybug understands that she was wrong to trust Prince, who upon being confronted by the Elder decides to run away from her and deal with White Death herself.

Before reaching the end of the road, Catarina and the Elder discover that Kimura and Lemon are still alive., and prepare for the arrival of the White Death, who is not only the father of Princes but the one who hired all the hitmen to kill each other. The reason? They are involved in the death of his beloved wife.

After sparing the life of his daughter, who wanted him to shoot her with the modified gun, White Death prepares to get rid of the man who was driving the vehicle that collided with his wife’s car, however, he discovers that he is not there and he was replaced by Ladybug.

Who really is the Elder?

The Elder was one of the trusted team that the White Death took everything from. When his boss was killed he lost his wife, but managed to save his son. After a life in the shadows he came out to face the man who destroyed his life.

After a spectacular fight, White Death appears to be victorious, but the train crashes and Kimura’s father survives. For its part, the man who orchestrated everything decides to kill Catarina anyway, but by using the weapon that his daughter modified, he becomes his own victim.

Who survives the end of “Bullet Train”?

When Catarina, Kimura and their father seem to be out of danger, Prince arrives and threatens to kill them all, however, she is run over by a tangerine truck driven by Limón.

At the end of “Bullet train”, Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock), Catarina’s boss, comes to the rescue and although a pole destroys her luxurious car, she leaves with Ladybug.

Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) coming to Catarina’s rescue in “Bullet Train” (Photo: Sony Pictures)

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