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  • Know here the qualification and course to become an architecture
  • Many career possibilities are available after the course
  • Here is the list of top architecture colleges

A Career In Architecture: If you are thinking about your future after completing your schooling and do not want to make a career in medical and engineering like other students, then there are many career options in which you can make a good future. Architecture is also one of the many good career options. The person who designs, plans and builds a building is called an architect.

Duties Of Architecture
The task of architecture is to first make a plan about any structure and then prepare its design and then get it built, today we see all the big dam buildings whose designs are completely different or Even if they are simple, they are all made by the same architecture. Before building any building, it has to be fully prepared, which only architecture does. Architecture tells us how this building will be constructed and what it will look like. Architecture first knows all the things about the building to be built, then its plan is made, only after making the plan, the work of building is started further. Architecture specializes in creating different types of designs.
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Architectural qualification and course
To become an architecture, you have to do this course. For this, it is mandatory for you to pass in class 12th with Mathematics and English, as well as having at least 50% marks in English and Mathematics together. On the other hand, if you have done diploma course after 10th, then you can do architecture degree, for that you will not even have to pass in class 12th. To become an architecture, where you can do three years diploma course in architecture after 10th. At the same time, after 112th, Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture and PhD can also be done.

At the same time, an architecture does not get complete work just by getting this degree, they also have to learn some software such as AutoCAD or such software, in which these people prepare and make architectural designs, only then they are able to design a building. To work in the software, you need to know Sketchup, Revit, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, V-Ray Photoshop and Hand Drawing.

Architecture career prospects
As an architect, you can make a career in any sector, private, public and government. If we talk about the public sector, the demand for architects remains constant in departments like public works, irrigation, health. On the other hand, in government sector, one can also search for jobs in Archaeological Department, Ministry of Defense, Railways, in addition, Local Agency, State Department, Housing. If you gain experience of few years, then you can also start your own business as a consultant and constructor. The demand for architecture is increasing continuously due to large scale investments in the construction sector. According to experts, there is still a huge gap between the demand and supply of architecture in India.
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When you start a job in a private sector as an architect, then your salary can be 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month. However, the salary also depends on the size of the organization and your experience. After two to four years of experience, your monthly salary can be more than 50 thousand rupees. On the other hand, according to the pay scale in the government sector, you can get salary in lakhs.

You can do the course from here (Institutes For Architecture Course)

  1. School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  2. IIT Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur)
  3. IIT Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)
  4. Sir JJ College of Architecture
  5. NIT, Tiruchirappalli (NIT, Tiruchirappalli)

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