Bugatti takes to the electric scooter

After Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes or Seat, another brand automobile, and not just any, is embarking on the decidedly highly coveted segment of electric scooter. This is Bugatti which has just unveiled its interpretation of soft mobility on two wheels. The Bugatti electric scooter will be produced in partnership with the American company ByTech.

As you might expect, she takes up the codes aesthetic of the brand, with the typical blue, the Bugatti logo and a fire rear boomerang which recalls the light signature of the supercar of the firm of Molsheim. The designers have imagined a little refinement that will no doubt delight fans: a luminous “EB” logo is projected on the ground at the back when the scooter is in motion.

For the rest, the configuration is nothing exceptional. The electric scooter is moult by a 700W motor which allows it to reach a maximum of 30 km / h. The 360 ​​Wh battery can travel up to 35 km. It has the advantage of being removable to be recharged from a power outlet in four hours. For now, Bugatti has not yet communicated on the price and availability of its electric scooter.

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