Buffalo escaped from a slaughterhouse, entered a premises and brutally assaulted the owner

A few hours from celebrate the new year a tragic event occurred in a roast chicken shop in Jiangsu province in China. A gigantic buffalo, which had escaped from a slaughterhouse, abruptly entered the place and lunged at the owner of the store, throwing him brutally into the air.

At video viral You can see a client waiting his turn to be attended, meanwhile the victim was with his back to the door and distracted. It was at that moment that the animal entered abruptly and rammed its bodies at the man.

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The scene was recorded by security cameras and it did not take long to go viral on different social networks. In the video it is observed that the client, completely scared, managed to drag the man and take him to a safe place. The owner of the premises suffered a leg injury and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

It is known that the buffalo tried to escape from a slaughterhouse where it was going to be slaughtered that same night for later sale. After causing the accident, the animal did not leave any trace and they have not yet been able to locate it.

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