Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the best Disney + movies streaming today

Starting today 5 August 2022, four films by the couple Bud Spencer and Terence Hill arrive on Disney + in streaming for all subscribers: let’s find out together!

Starting today 5th August 2022 they arrive on Disney + in streaming four big movies of the couple Bud Spencer And Terence Hill for all subscribers: Otherwise we get mad !, Louder, guys !, They called it Trinity and They kept calling it Trinity.

In Altrimenti we’re angry, a comedy directed in 1974 by Marcello Fondato, Kid (Terence Hill) and Ben (Bud Spencer), a mechanic and a truck driver, win a Dune Buggy at an autocross race. To determine who gets the prize, they decide to compete in a gastronomic endurance test. The match, unfortunately, is interrupted by a gang of motorcyclists who upset the venue where the challenge is held and destroy the much sought-after vehicle. In reality, the thugs’ goal is a nearby amusement park which, if demolished, would allow the construction of a skyscraper. Kid and Ben were theirs: it’s time to save the carnival and take home a brand new Dune Buggy.

Otherwise we get angry: a scene from the movie

In Louder, Guys !, Plata and Salud are two pilot friends who work for private lines. They make ends meet by bringing planes to be scrapped and trying to collect the insurance money. With an old and shabby airplane they begin to trade with the emerald hunters and thus set themselves against a speculator who monopolizes the sector. The latter puts them against the local authorities, but the two will free themselves … to the sound of sganassoni!

In They called him Trinity we end up in the Far West where a good and lazy gunslinger, Trinity arrives in a town where he finds his brother, called Bambino, in the guise of a sheriff, hired to better perpetrate a theft of livestock. Together they decide to defend a group of poor Mormons from the harassment of Harrison, a treacherous major who wants to take over their lands … , cemented the image of the two as a comedic couple and at the same time tougher than Italian cinema.


They Called Him Trinity: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in a scene from the film

In They Keep Calling Him Trinity, the two outlaw and soft-hearted vagabonds brothers Trinity and the Child are mistaken for two federal agents and take advantage of the situation to steal a huge loot hidden in a friar convent by a gang of outlaws. The two find themselves facing, by dint of punches and slaps, a band of ferocious bandits, hired by a rich speculator. The film was the absolute box office champion in the 1971-72 season with a total of € 6,087,656,000 collected at the box office.

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