“Buckingham wants to discredit us”, the anger of the director of the documentary on Meghan and Harry

The makers of “Harry & Meghan”, the Sussex documentary series on Netflix, are furious with Buckingham Palace. According to Liz Garbus, one of the directors, the Palace did everything to discredit the documentary and the information relayed by the royal couple, in particular by claiming to have never had the opportunity to speak. Liz Garbus assures that Buckingham Palace has been contacted as part of this documentary.

In an interview with Vanity Faire, Liz Garbus, one of the directors of the documentary “Harry & Meghan”, does not hide her anger towards Buckingham Palace. According to her, the production teams did contact the royal family about the documentary. “Buckingham Palace claimed that we did not contact them for a reaction. This is untrue. They did this to discredit us. ….. And in discrediting us, they do the same with the content of series.” In that same interview, Liz Garbus also admitted that it was her idea to bring up the racism suffered by Meghan in the docu. “It was really paramount to me.”

A Palace source previously insisted the Royal Family had not been asked to respond to statements made by Meghan and Harry in the Netflix series. A member of the film crew then replied that they had indeed contacted the communication team of King Charles III as well as that of Prince William. The idea was to get a reaction from them and integrate it directly into the documentary. But according to the communication services of the Palace, they would have only received a request from an external production company, and not from Netflix. They would then have contacted Harry, Meghan and the streaming service, without success.

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After the release of the last three episodes of the documentary on Netflix on December 16, a royal source told The Daily Mail that the royal family did not want to “get embroiled in an argument” where each side would go blow for blow . “They are determined to remain silent, with dignity.” Other sources within Buckingham Palace have confirmed that the monarchy intends to remain silent, both on the revelations made in the Netflix documentary and on those contained in Prince Harry’s memoir.


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