Bubílková couldn’t take criticism? QUICK DUMP TO THE USA!

She has not seen her son since the beginning of the pandemic, but it was probably much more painful for the publicist Zuzana Bubílková the fact that she missed the birth of her first blood grandchild due to travel restrictions to the US. But that changed this summer and now the whole family is together again.

No offense to Zuzana Bubílková: About wreckers Patras and Jagra!

Zuzana Bubílková’s son has lived in the United States since his student years, when he was also a successful athlete. In the 1990s, it was not easy for Zuzana’s mother to send her son to a world about which various rumors circulated at the time. “I was worried about him at the time, because of course they said how in America it’s all about drugs and stuff, but the son was so determined that these things left him cold. For example, he hasn’t smoked a single cigarette to date,” the presenter and comedian confided to the ŽivotvČesku.cz server.

The pandemic prevented Bubílkova from seeing her first grandchild. However, her son’s family is larger – his partner has two daughters from a previous relationship. “My complete California family after my 36 hours on the plane and in the airports. Son, his current girlfriend, two daughters, little Tomík and grandmother. Well, me. I see Tomík for the first time. He was born last year at the end of August, when there were no flights to the US,” explained Zuzana Bubílková, who enjoys spending time with her family as much as possible.

The coronavirus is getting stronger! Another country will join NATO, and Bubílková has shot herself out of Dada. How did she react?

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