Buba, the review: a rough gangster-movie on Netflix

The review of Buba, the prequel to the series How to sell drugs online (quickly) that lands exclusively in the Netflix streaming platform catalog.

Buba: a sequence from the film

At the beginning of the new millennium Sylvester Stallone became the testimonial of a well-known local food brand and was the protagonist of a “full action” commercial at the end of which he revealed his name, Bubi, arousing general hilarity. A similar fate happened to the unfortunate protagonist of this German production, with only one voice to change the alleged impact on the interlocutor. In any case, as we tell you in the Buba review, the homonymous character certainly does not possess the mighty features of the cinematographic Rocky Balboa and laughter is a fact, due to the type of film in which he is the protagonist. Buba is in fact a gangster-movie turned to comedy, ready to enrich the Netflix catalog and to do more than other numbers rather than bring actual quality. But let’s go in order …

A life with little to laugh about

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Buba: a scene from the film

The plot sees the aforementioned Buba at the center of the story and the prologue opens with his alleged death at the hands of a bunch of little thugs. The story is in fact told all in a very long flashback of ninety minutes, divided into four chapters that retrace the salient phases of the more or less fortuitous criminal ascent of ours. An anti-hero sui generis, to whom since childhood he does not feel a right one: while little Buba participates in a break-dance competition and manages to have his coveted first kiss, his parents lose their lives in an accident. car and his brother Dante, the only survivor, comes out shaken and suffering from a very particular syndrome. From that moment on, his existence changes forever and the criminal nature grows out of all proportion, with Dante himself exploiting him for his illicit purposes. And when their interests clash with those of the Albanian mafia, the two relatives end up getting involved in a very dangerous intrigue involving the city gangs.

Divertimeno derivative between pulp and black irony

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Buba: a scene

Suspended halfway between jolts a la Guy Ritchie and lighter suggestions a la Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Buba is a film without art or part, never capable of expressing a clear identity and always ready to rely on safe solutions on paper, but which are affected by a almost always approximate staging. We are faced with a prequel to the series, always exclusive to Netflix, How to sell drugs online (quickly), but if on that occasion the director Arne Feldhusen had convinced critics and audiences, in this case he was unable to find the right cohesion between the dark-comedy and the gangster-movie, soon burying the protagonists in a tired succession of gags that never leave their mark.

How to sell drugs online (quickly), the word to the protagonists: “The European Netflix series offer stories

A succession of uninspired clichés

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Buba: a picture from the film

The constant insistence on stereotypes, the mellifluous nostalgic inspiration and the almost lack of charisma on the part of the main characters, more hateful than interesting in their exasperated complexes, soon end up losing interest and the dirty situations that peep out here and there they only confirm how much free has been spent in the script phase, in the failed attempt to shock / irritate the viewer, oblivious to how the trend has largely evolved over the last decade. The romantic subplot, which ends up doubling and adding further chaos to the final final showdown, is yet another useless tinsel to try to make the figure of Buba more human, with the voice-over that tries to increase the sense of identification with similar results. disappointing. Just the partial bromance between the two brothers, pillars of a buddy-movie in its raw state, can offer some partially more captivating dynamics, with several exchanges of lines that emerge in the general flatness. But between obvious screenwriting holes and a coarse-grained comedy, Buba ends up being a wasted opportunity.


Perhaps lovers of the series of which it is prequel, that is How to sell drugs online (in a hurry), will be able to find some reason for curiosity, but as we told you in the review of Buba for all the others it is a more than avoidable vision. Between gangster-movie and comedy, the film by the German Arne Feldhusen turns in vain during an hour and a half of viewing that plays on stereotypes and reinterprets the archetypes in an approximate and caricatured way, without ever finding its own square.

Because we like it

  • Some funny exchange-

What’s wrong

  • Raw and uninspired humor-
  • Charisma-free characters-
  • Narrative and related monotonous staging-

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