BTS’s V shared unreleased songs that excited ARMY

Each of the members of BTS has shown great talent in both composition and production and Taehyung is one of the members who is not far behind. He recently shared new songs that fascinated ARMY but at the same time they couldn’t help but feel sad about their fate.

Via BTS’s Twitter account, taehyung shared Unpublished songs that he had written and composed himself, completely moving his followers who were delighted by his sweet voice and great talent for music.

Taehyung on stage. // Source: Twitter @BTS_twt

Each of the BTS members is very talented in various areas, and Taehyung has shown great talent in songwriting. However, he has also been very harsh judging each of the pieces he produces and both ARMY and his colleagues have witnessed it.

A few weeks ago during a live, the members of BTS asked the idol not to delete his songs anymore, but Taehyung still seems not satisfied with the result of his music and let ARMY know.

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Taehyung shares unreleased songs on Twitter that he was about to delete

A few hours ago V from BTS connected through Weverse to interact with his fans for a while and answer different questions. An ARMY asked him if she was about to go to sleep, to which the idol replied that she was deleting songs and if they wanted to listen to them.

It didn’t take long for Taehyung to share videos of himself listening to different songs never before heard by his fans on Twitter, which immediately enchanted his followers. The first video was published with a ‘Hello’ as a description, you can listen to it here:

  • Taehyung unreleased song snippet. // Source: Twitter @BTS_twt

In the second video you can hear even more of the unreleased songs. Taehyung posted a video with ‘Goodbye’ as the description, probably announcing that he would retire to rest. You can listen to it here:

  • Taehyung unreleased song snippet. // Source: Twitter @BTS_twt

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ARMY supported Taehyung in his decision to remove the unreleased songs

Although the songs made his fans very emotional, they couldn’t help but feel a little sad remembering that taehyung he had confessed that he was deleting them. An ARMY in particular did not hesitate to comment through weverse a V ‘Every song you’ve shared with us has been amazing, don’t worry… Anything made by you will be amazing, take your time’, indicating that fans would look forward to the mixtape of V everything that was necessary.

Luckily for that ARMY, the comment was read by Taehyung and he didn’t take long to respond to his comment with a ‘Whether you want to add lyrics or not… or fry them… or add a little flavor… Do what you want to end the song.’ Inviting all ARMY to take the fragment that she shared and give it a life of its own. A sweet song shared between Taehyung and ARMY.

In other news, BTS thrilled their fans with the tracklist for Proof’s third album, have you seen it yet?

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