BTS’s V is obsessed with Our Blues and he showed it

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have always shown their interest in Korean dramas. Especially V, who is constantly charmed by all kinds of stories. Our Blues is the K-Drama that he is currently watching and he has become completely hooked on it.

v from bts He knows how to take advantage of his free moments and what better than updating the drama they like. For this reason, the idol takes advantage of the moments when he is not training with BTS to watch dramas What Our Blues.

BTS’s Taehyung. // Source: Instagram @thv

Every ARMY knows that Taehyung really enjoys dramas and takes advantage of his free time to watch a new series. On this occasion, the one he is watching is nothing more and nothing less than Our Blues, a series in which Jimin participated with his first OST for dramas.

The story of Our Blues has caught thousands of viewers, including Taehyung. Who through Instagram did not hesitate to share with his fans that he was watching the series and why he was obsessed with it. Have you seen his stories?

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Taehyung shared how much he enjoys Our Blues on social media

Through his Instagram stories, BTS’s V shared with ARMY that he was seeing the korean drama Our Bluesa novel featuring Hallyu stars such as Woo Bin, Lee Byung Hun, and Shin Min Ah.

On his Instagram story, Taehyung took a picture of the screen and wrote ‘The drama of my life’ in English with a little crying face, indicating that he has really liked the series so far.

Instagram story of V from BTS. // Source: Instagram @thv

In the following story, a photograph appears where the actor appears woo bin and V added in Korean ‘please post the next episode quickly’. Proving that even Taehyung must suffer the long wait of a week for a new chapter. Are you also watching Our Blues?

Instagram story of V from BTS. // Source: Instagram @thv

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When does Our Blues premiere on Netflix?

Our Blues will be available on the streaming platform Netflix from May 21th. It is still unknown if they will upload all the chapters together or week by week. Don’t forget to add it to your calendar!

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