BTS’s V is ‘grandma’s first love’ with this hilarious meme

The BTS vocalist was shocked when ARMY told him the story of a popular meme among the fandom, V became grandmother’s unforgettable love, and here we tell you the details.

The boys in this group of HYBE bring great joy to their fans, not only because of their pleasant personalities and interactions capable of making anyone smile, but also because BTS has given way to many memes throughout their careers.

Some of them are born for their funny expressions that are captured at the right moment, others for the ingenious phrases that they launch naturally or even for poses that many times were not completely planned.

Today we tell you about a meme very different, that although it does not have any funny face or pose, if it has been part of imaginary scenarios that make us smile through social networks, it is an iconic photo of V.

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Taehyung and his old-time meme that causes romantic crushes

This meme is a photograph of V taken during the era Map Of The Soul: 7, in her the idol He wears a suit and wears his curly hair very well combed, but also has his gaze fixed on a point next to the camera, just like in photographic studios and especially in the old ones.

If to this photo you add a tonality change to the sepia style and some wear with editing, the result could easily pass for an old photograph that has been preserved for years, that is why this meme earned the title of the first love of the Grandma.

Meme by V. | Source: Instagram @thv

The image was posted on social networks along with phrases and stories in the style ‘This is the person my grandmother loved’, remembering a love that although it is in the past, is still valid through. AWW!

So as you can see, this meme not only lends itself to fictional and fun scenarios, but also very romantic.

V reacts to ‘grandma’s first love’ meme

When the singer saw the photo corresponding to WORDS: 7, he could not remember when it was taken and asked the fans, it was then that in addition to giving him the information about the album they told him about this meme and he showed his surprise.

Shortly after, he himself published the image on his Instagram account and also added in the description ‘1921’, a perfect piece of information to continue with the idea that it is an old photograph. LOL!

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