BTS’s Taehyung dreams of acquiring a new ability, what is it?

Many people choose their resolutions for the New Year, Taehyung chose what he wants to achieve in 2022 and it goes very hand in hand with his music career.

The boys of BTS began the year resting and regaining strength after months full of activities, the interpreters of Dynamite They have shown their skills in singing, dancing and even creating melodies, what could they want to improve on their musical talents?

Taehyung He has entered many areas of this industry and as his experience increases, his thirst for learning also grows, because the idol knows that there is always something new to learn.

It was so this singer you selected a goal that you really would like to accomplish over the next few months, as it will also help you create the melodies you have in mind.

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V has a musical purpose for 2022

In an interview that idols They had with Vogue Korea, the Snow Flower singer said that if in the new year he could get a skill, he would definitely select to play instruments and do it very well.

For V This is a hobby and also a very special learning, because although it requires investing a lot of time and dedication in practice, when you manage to advance and play an instrument better, the feeling of achievement inevitably arrives.

Taehyung with a flower arrangement. | Source: Instagram @ taehyung.bighitentertainment

What instruments can BTS’s V play?

On several occasions we have seen Taehyung playing the piano, however the musical instrument where he feels most confident is when playing the saxophone, since he used to practice it very frequently before.

Despite his ability with this particular instrument, he confessed that it would be better to play the melodies he likes complementing them with other sounds and that is why his interest in learning more in this area arises, would you like to see and hear V playing other musical instruments ?

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