BTS’s Jungkook traveled back to Korea after his show in Qatar 2022

BTS’s Golden Maknae is already back in his home country, Jungkook returned to Korea and received a warm welcome at Incheon Airport, how was his arrival in this place?

Yesterday, the eyes of all the ARMYs were fixed on the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, where Jungkook performed the song Dreamers. The fans were fascinated with the performance and, of course, with the energy that the idol displayed on stage.

BTS’s Jungkook in Qatar 2022. | Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

When that performance concluded, there was some doubt as to whether the member of bts I would spend other days in Qatar Or if I would go back to KoreaBut now we know the answer, well jungkook He took a plane after finishing his agenda at the World Cup headquarters.

The K-Pop idol traveled back to South Korea and landed safely in the Incheon Airportwhere many media and fans gathered to receive him with great spirits.

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Jungkook wore the South Korea national team jersey at Incheon Airport

Upon arrival, jeon jungkook He wore an outfit with a jacket and wide dark-colored jeans, as well as camel-colored shoes. When the idol was in front of the cameras, he unzipped his coat a little, revealing a red shirt, it was the jersey of the South Korean soccer team.

This garment was a gift that Jungkook received from the korean teambecause he was able to meet with them before the start of the World Cup.

BTS’s Jungkook returned to Korea from Qatar. | Source: Twitter @JeonEsHi97

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Jungkook shows his passion for soccer with a tender gesture

Another very tender moment at the airport was when Jungkook pretended to kick an imaginary ball and even followed the direction of the shot with his eyes.

BTS’s Jungkook returned to Korea after his trip to Qatar. | Source: Twitter @briller613_bts

After the idol showed his support for the South Korean Soccer Team, this detail was much more special, as it tells us that the idol will surely be very attentive to the sporting events of this Cup.

We also tell you that BTS was supporting Jungkook during this event and several of the members enjoyed the idol’s musical show.

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