BTS’s Jungkook falls in love with his boxing skills once again

Jungkook does it again! The idol and maknae of BTS takes us to discover how their boxing workouts are lived to stay in shape and no one can resist them.

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While the rest of the members of the band of K-Pop continues, each has kept in touch with ARMY through social networks, mainly with his personal Instagram accounts that were recently released.

While fans of BTS They enjoy all content and updates from the idols, Jungkook He had a double feat and it was all thanks to the videos he shares, because they are clips filmed while practicing box.

Read on and learn more about the latest update of the interpreter. My Time, you will find out why Jeon Jungkook He was able to melt the hearts of the fans with his sports skills.

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Jungkook training box is all you need to start your day

Definitely, for ARMY there is nothing better than waking up and discovering new updates from Bangtan Sonyeondan idols, only that he Golden Maknae added excitement by taking us to his boxing practice together with his personal trainer.

The idol He wears a black tank top and shorts to create the ideal sports outfit for the occasion, part of his face is covered by his mask and also the singer’s hair falls to the front revealing that he has had a well-used exercise routine.

As the boy’s gloves move quickly in front of him, the sound reveals the impact of his blows and together they gave ARMY a dream scene knowing more about this idol in his sports role.

Jungkook’s boxing training. | Source: Instagram @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

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Jungkook boxing becomes a trend

Shortly after this Korean celebrity shared this clip on her Instagram account, she not only received waves of likes in said publication, but it also became the most talked about topic on Twitter.

Jeon Jungkook led the worldwide popularity trends in said social network, collecting tweets that shared the video, comments on the improvements in the interpreter’s technique, and even compliments for his amazing look.

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