BTS’s Jin rejects romantic proposals in the funniest way

The members of BTS are usually very active on some platforms and social networks, so some lucky fans get an interaction that becomes unforgettable.

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Although idols They do not have personal Instagram or Twitter accounts, if they have their own profiles within sites like Weverse and that way they can chat with their fans or even answer some of the questions that are posted to BTS.

There are many alternatives when making these posts, some choose to share photos, others dedicate emotional messages and others full of humor, but considering the size of the fandom of this group of HYBE getting an answer might not seem so straightforward.

Thus, idols usually take a few moments to pay special attention to these posts during their free time and recently. Jin was in charge of interacting in this way with ARMY.

Jin responds to ARMY’s messages even if they aren’t for him

On one occasion, the interpreter of Abyss He came across a post where a fan asked one of the BTS guys to marry him, but although his refusal made many laugh, the most unexpected thing is that the message was not for him. UPS!

Actually this fan was telling Jimin that it was totally his style, that he was very handsome and that is why he dared to ask in a funny way if he would marry her, but Seokjin He didn’t wait for his partner to reply and surprised ARMY with his reply.

BTS’s Jin taking a selfie. | Source: Instagram @jin_bighitentertainment

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Jin’s sense of humor makes BTS happy

Although all the singers that make up this group have personalities that ARMY fall in love with, Jin is one of those who always makes us laugh with his comments, because he is really creative and knows how to surprise everyone.

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This quality adds to the list of skills and qualities he possesses, making it clear that he is an idol capable of bringing a lot of joy and excitement to his fans.

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