BTS’s Jin reappears on social media with adorable photos

After a long absence, Jin returned to social media. The BTS member shared some photo sets to reconnect with fans, what kept the K-Pop idol entertained?

Although now all the members of bts they have their own Instagram account, each one uses it in their own style, that not only includes the type of shots they share in their posts or Instastories, but also the frequency with which they publish some news for fans.

In the case of Jinthe singer of K-Pop had been posting frequently while the group held new concerts of Permission To Dance On Stagebut since mid-April he stopped being present on the social network.

Now seokjin is back and consented to ARMY with new photos that no one wants to miss, because to see the idol always a joy for fans, what did this guy show us?

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Jin had fun learning about Pokémon at a special event

the singer of abyss He shared a set of photos with a photo of him posing playfully while keeping his balance in the middle of some buildings. Furthermore, she included a selfie that made ARMY’s heart race.

Jin from BTS taking a walk. | Source: Instagram @jin

In both shots he wears a sports-style shirt in blue and yellow, but after that Jin updated his account again, this time with other photos where he appears sitting on a bench next to Pikachu plushies and a pokeball.

Jin from BTS at a Pokémon event. | Source: Instagram @jin

Jin attended an event called Pokémon with HIVE City and that’s why the place had such decoration, but it was also the perfect place to learn about the world of these adorable characters.

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J-Hope doesn’t miss Jin’s updates and left him a sweet comment

Although the fans were in charge of giving many hearts to Jin’s posts, the BTS members were also attentive to their partner’s posts. J-Hope in particular commented on the second photo of Jin saying:

You go around doing cute solo things

Maybe next time we see Seokjin and Hobi together on a Pokemon adventure, that would be great, don’t you think?

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