BTS’s Jin has everything to become a drama actor

Can you imagine Seokjin in a drama of your favorite theme? This is a facet of the idol longed for by his fandom, he has everything he needs to succeed in that field and this is the proof.

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It is not difficult to imagine this boy taking over many characters in the korean series, Jin could well be adapted to the role of a young CEO, a nice student, a charming heir, a vampire or even a character within a drama historical, don’t you think?

Although the time has not yet come to see this idol from BTS performing on a set in the style of the K-Dramas, we do not lose hope that this will happen one day, especially since this is one of the many activities that the singer is passionate about.

What you may not have known is that Seokjin He is more than capable of entering the world of dramas and acting in general, as revealed by the experts.

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Jin Receives Compliments For His Acting Talent

Many know that the BTS member studied at Konkun University and it was in that institution where he was able to hone his skills, as it is said that this boy was really committed to his classes.

Recently, the story of a person who knew one of the professors of Jin and because of this they were able to talk a little about the famous singer. The teacher said that the idol is really good with his acting, so he knows that he will be successful if he one day puts that skill into practice professionally. OMG!

Selfie of Jin from BTS. | Source: Instagram @jin_bighitenertainment

When will we see Jin acting in a drama?

At the moment there is no plan or approximate date for this to become a reality, because only with Seokjin’s musical activities, his schedule is usually quite busy. UPS!

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However, hope remains, not only because many fans would love to see him bring a character to life, but now also because of the compliments he has received. singer.

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