BTS’s J-Hope is the friend we all need and this is why

J-Hope always gets compliments from ARMY for his good personality, but among his many qualities, this BTS member proved that he had everything important to a friendship.

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Within the group of K-Pop from HYBE we see seven different personalities gathered, but despite what makes each of the boys in BTS, they share a very special union. Although all of them have in common the love for music and dreams in their artistic side, they are also very good friends and each of them shows in their own way.

Although all of them have shown that connection, today we will talk about some qualities of J-Hope that make him the best friend that many would like to have, because his way of being includes great features.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be the best friend from hobby? The way he behaves around his fellow BTS members helps us get an idea.

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J-Hope supports BTS closely even on individual projects

The rapper He is always aware of the activities and releases of his groupmates, but in addition to giving them a look, he does not hesitate to show off the premieres in front of ARMY, showing his support for the work of his companions.

That is why every one of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan He features a new solo song or collaboration, he posts to Weverse, gives them feedback, and even shows he’s listening to the tunes. AWW!

Isn’t it great to have a good friend who supports your projects, believes in you and encourages you every moment?

Selfie of J-Hope from BTS. | Fuente: Instagram @jhope_bighitentertainment

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BTS: J-Hope is the best company

J-Hope’s personality has very special qualities, he is a cheerful boy who always carries a good vibe wherever he goes and that is why his teammates within BTS always show their appreciation.

However, he’s also a fun, understanding, and committed guy, so spending time with him as friends must certainly be amazing.

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