BTS with white outfits that are unforgettable, when did they wear them?

We have seen the members of BTS take over all the colors through their outfits, but there is something special in the looks of these idols when they wear only white clothes, let’s remember some moments where this was demonstrated.

As you know, within the world of K-Pop groups transform their style for each come back, sticking to the concept that was devised for that musical era. This also happens in presentations and events that are special for some reason, but in several of the memorable moments of the career of bts we saw the idols dressed in completely white outfits.

If you think that this color cannot be easily adapted to different types of events and happenings, then these photos of the band of k pop it will change your perspective.

Here we tell you about some BTS outfits where the idols looked amazing wearing only white clothes. What is your favorite look?

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BTS took over the color white with these monochrome outfits

The idols just released a new album and Yet To Come is their lead single, in part of the MV the boys wear all-white outfits.

BTS with white outfits. | Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

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While BTS was touring cities with the PTD On Stage show, the singers wore different outfits, one that is unforgettable also has this color.

BTS with white outfits. | Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

In 2021, BTS made several performances as part of MTVUnplugged, for some of them they wore these looks:

BTS with white outfits. | Source: Twitter @taepoooh

When the singers released their album MOTS: 7, they had several photo sessions and in one of them we saw them surrounded by feathers, for that photo shoot, the white outfits were iconic.

BTS with white outfits. | Source: Twitter @btsupdatesspain

Last year the idol group celebrated its eighth anniversary and it was then that they posed for family portraits with outfits that take up this color.

BTS with white outfits. | Source: Twitter @SebihaDaglar

Do not go, we also tell you that V will be at Fashion Week along with other celebrities.

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