BTS will hold a free concert for the 2030 Busan World Expo

During the month of October, BTS will hold a global concert in Busan, South Korea, thanks to their position as ambassadors of the Busan 2030 World Expo. Fans were even more excited to learn that the concert will be completely free. What is known until the moment of its presentation?

bts will be back in October with a new concertthis as part of the activities of the World Expo Busan 2030an event of the South Korean government where the South Korean group will be official ambassadors.

BTS will hold a concert in October in Busan. // Source: Twitter @BTSxARMYUru2

ARMY is very excited since the announcement of the concert of bts. At the beginning of the year the group had a world tour called Permission to Dance on Stage. After this tour and the release of his album Proof, this will be the first concert of the group after the announcement of their break.

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The concert that BTS will give in October in Busan will be free

The South Korean group BTS will give a global concert in October, as part of the World Expo Busan 2030 and in recent sources it was reported that this concert would completely freeas a strategy to promote tourism in Busan.

This will be one of the biggest events to take place in the Korean city and it is expected that more than 100 thousand fans visit the city to attend the concert of bts. Although so far the way in which ARMY will be able to get tickets to see BTS in concert has not been revealed, it is expected that new information will be revealed as the date approaches.

On top of that, international fans are still curious as to whether this concert will be streamed online and can’t wait to get more information on the exact date of the concert. concert.

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BTS Is Considering Three Venues To Hold The Concert In Busan

So far, there are three spaces considered for the BTS concert in Busan. Among which stand out the busan asiad stadiumthe Samnak ecological park and the Bukhang port. This would be one of the biggest events in Busan, so the right venue is still up for selection. Would you like this concert to be streamed online?

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