BTS: What attracts Jungkook in a girl? This is your ideal type

Have you ever wondered what Jungkook’s idea girl is like? The qualities of a person’s personality can be key to conquering it.

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While BTS His popularity continues to increase every moment, there are many and many fans who have begun to consider one of these guys as their ideal type, be it for their incredible looks, their talents and of course, for their personalities.

The Golden Maknae of this group of HYBE has conquered hearts around the world, so it is inevitable that many begin to wonder what is attractive to the singer, perhaps to get to know him better or even to discover if they have those characteristics.

Beyond the physical features, Jungkook has focused on describing the personality and attitudes that seem great of a person and that make anyone attractive in their eyes, can you imagine what it is?

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What does Jungkook like in a girl?

In a recent interview, the singer of My Time what it is that he considers makes him attractive, but he turned the question around by revealing that in order to work on being cool, he tries to be like the people he considers attractive.

According to his own words, Jungkook finds it very attractive when people are good at their jobs, that they are committed, diligent and have diverse hobbies, probably because that makes them interesting.

So while the singer’s description encompasses what makes anyone attractive, a girl with this personality type would surely captivate the HYBE singer’s gaze. Wow

Jungkook de BTS. | Fuente: Instagram @jungkook_bighitentertainment

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Jungkook’s appeal

Since the singer said that he wants to be attractive like the people who attract his attention with the aforementioned qualities, we can see that he has done a great job because he really adapts to that profile.

This guy always delivers his energy and creativity in everything he does, so if you’ve ever wondered why you like Jungkook so much, that might guide you to the answer.

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