BTS: V se une al OST of Our Beloved Summer en apoyo a Choi Woo Shik

BTS’s V was selected as one of the voices to liven up the romantic scenes of the new drama Our Beloved Summer starring his friend Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi. What is known about their participation?

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One more time, V from BTS one by one sound band of one of his friends and this time he has to show his love to Choi Woo Shik, who returns to korean dramas hand in hand with Kim Da Mi in Our Beloved Summer.

The emotional and warm voice of the Permission To Dance singer will join the long-awaited SBS television project with a OST, the news has excited ARMY that they plan to follow the K-Drama since its premiere. This is what is known about the idol’s participation.

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BTS’s V Shows Support For His Friend Choi Woo Shik On Our Beloved Summer With OST

Just like BTS’s Taehyung did in the past with Park Seo Joon in the drama Itaewon Class and its OST Sweet Night, everything indicates that he will repeat the support formula with another of the members of the Wooga Squad.

According to Korean media reports, V was one of the K-Pop singers selected to be part of the OST originals of Our Beloved Summer which begins its broadcasts in December.

So far there are no other details such as the name of the song who will perform, whether it is the main theme of the romantic story or the release date, but ARMY is already very aware of the subject.

Póster del drama Our Beloved Summer. | Fuente Twitter @AlexasBlog2

V adds new achievements to his singing career, how many OSTs does he have?

V’s first official solo OST for a drama was Even If I Die, It’s You in collaboration with BTS’s Jin for Hwarang: The Beginning, the second is Sweet Night for Itaewon Class and the third is this for Our Beloved Summer which hits the screens on December 6.

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V from BTS. | Source Twitter @ ValuJim433

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