BTS: V and their outfits that give us vibes of a drama character

BTS’s Kim Taehyung is always the center of attention and the trending topic on social media with his looks, so much so that fans compare his style to that of a drama character, what are his most iconic looks?

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One of the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan that all the time shows his love for the fashion it is V, who does not matter if he is in an interview, special participation in television, a concert or at the airport, he always looks great.

Thousands of Photographs of the singer of Permission To Dance with looks that leave fans with their mouths open for its spectacular bearing, elegance or also because it changes style, goes from one to another and dazzles the public in all of them.

Next, we leave you a list of outfits from Kim Taehyung that ARMY has been given the vibes of a character from korean drama. From a carefree boy who models for the camera lens, to an artist who shines with his confidence.

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BTS’s V looks worthy of any Korean drama character

  • BTS’s V as the lead in an action drama:

The combination of V with a suit and slicked-back hair is deadly for ARMY, as his face takes on more intensity and his features amaze his fandom. Maybe this will be the look Idol for the lead in an action or business drama. Does he give you the vibe of an analytical CEO or an undercover cop?

Outfit by Kim Taehyung de BTS. | Fuente Twitter @taegguk_luv_

  • V from BTS the rebellious boy from a K-Drama:

As part of a photoshoot for merchandise from BTS, V has shown a more rebellious side and even with drawings on his face and neck that simulate tattoos, this could be his look to give life to the character of a K-Drama with a free and mysterious soul.

Outfit by Kim Taehyung de BTS. | Fuente Twitter @KharatShubada

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  • Taehyung de BTS as the protagonist of a romance drama:

This is the outfit of the K-Pop singer who has taken over social networks, ARMY explained that in the image it seems that V is the protagonist of a romance movie or a drama, with an elegant style and a singular walk that they present the charms of the star.

Outfit by Kim Taehyung de BTS. | Fuente Twitter @jkfineline

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