BTS to military service: when will the future of the K-pop group be defined

The members of BTS will they go to military service? According to the Korean press, this week the future of the most famous k-pop band in the world could be decided. All its members are already of the age required by law to enlist in the South Korean armed forces, something that is mandatory in the Asian country.

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As is known, military service is compulsory in South Korea for men, between the ages of 18 and 28, for a period of two years. However, HYBE, the company that represents BTS, is discussing the possibility of postponing the recruitment date of the young artists or, in the best of cases, exonerating them of this responsibility.

The future of BTS hinges on the meeting of the subcommittee of the National Assembly defense committee, which will discuss whether they could grant exemptions from military service to pop artists who have helped elevate the South Korean country’s global standing. So what will happen to the K-pop band?

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The future of BTS hinges on the meeting of the subcommittee of the National Assembly defense committee (Photo: BTS / Instagram)


The defense committee of the South Korean National Assembly will evaluate the changes to the Military Service Law. At that meeting, which will take place on Friday, BTS is on the agenda, who may be exonerated from complying with this responsibility or postpone the recruitment date for young artists.

Under current law, all healthy South Korean men are required to serve in the military for 18 to 22 months. However, on the recommendation of the minister of culture, internationally awarded classical musicians and athletes can complete basic military training and 544 hours of community service over 34 months while remaining professionally active.

Earlier this year, several lawmakers proposed bills calling for those exemptions to apply to a broader range of artists. If the law is revised, BTS could be exempted from military service in recognition of their contributions to boosting the country’s image.

Before the National Assembly meetings, the Korea Music Content Association released a statement saying, “This month is the last chance for BTS to be exempted from military service.” In addition, he urged the defense committee subcommittee to make an “important decision.”

While BTS has made many unprecedented breakthroughs in the music industry, the group is treated unfairly compared to classical artists when it comes to issues related to conscription, according to the KMCA statement.

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On the other hand, Yonhap News Agency cited comments from Boo Seung-chan, the spokesman for the Korean Ministry of Defense, who noted that the military is considering “situational variables” on the so-called BTS Law.

BTS’s bill, if passed, would allow the septet to continue their work as K-pop idols for 34 months under an alternative program, rather than undergo the regular 18 to 22 months of mandatory military service served by. South Korean men.

“With regard to the draft revision law, the Ministry of Defense cannot avoid considering situational variables. What we are facing at this very moment is the situation caused by the population decline, ”Boo said during a press conference, according to the Yonhap news agency.

“Second, there is also a need for social consensus. In other words, it is fair military service, ”he added. The truth is that everything will be defined this week.

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